Discover the new way of communication for web
Visual communication tool for websites

The visual communication tool for web.

Visual communication makes it possible to absorb a lot of information quickly. With Perlego thoughts can be easily explained with just dropping pins at a web page and starting a conversation. Perlego makes conversations about websites much easier and more efficient.

Save time, have more fun

Visual communication is much more efficient, and maybe more important, we experience more fun! No more misunderstanding in never-ending email threads or other text based lists.

Communicate with pins

Customers, developers, project managers, and marketeers can easily share ideas. Just share a pin with someone and start a conversation about it right away.

Comment on the present

Don’t rely on outdated images. Perlego always shows the pins with conversations on a webpage as it is, at that moment.

1 list per page

Every web page has its own pins with conversations attached to it. Commments are automatically and visually organised per page. This just makes more sense.


Developer love

URLs, OS, and browser specifications give developers a head start.

No Install Needed

Anyone with just a web browser can start and join conversations.

Share your comments

Create a public links to share your comments with fellow contributors.

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